goes YouTube

I’m always looking for new ways to get the message of this site across, so I’m happy to announce that I’m going to start adding video content via YouTube. The first video is on the interior of the barn as it begins to take shape. The floor is partially finished, oaks beams are in placeContinue reading goes YouTube

We have stalactites in our walls!

Rather strangely, I’ve we’ve discovered stalactites in our walls. Whilst the photograph is not that clear, that downward dribble to the right of the centre of the picture is a lime stalactite that has formed within the south facing wall of the barn. Whilst the wall is not very damp at the surface, internally itContinue reading We have stalactites in our walls!


As well as the health benefits of not using carpets in your conversion project, alternatives can also help your bank balance when incorporated into the building during its conversion. You can reclaim VAT spent on flooring during your conversion except for carpet. 8.10 Carpets Carpets, carpet tiles and underlay are not building materials for VATContinue reading Flooring