Year: 2008

Building Progress ~ New Year 2007/2008

The feel of the barn has moved on again as now the openings for the two windows that we're adding to the gable end of the barn have been completely punched through. Whilst it's hard to get a proper appreciation for the view they provide as they are currently covered with old aggregates bags and frames, lintels and sills need to be added that will change the openings drastically, two things are apparent. One, that they'll provide some additional, useful light from a roughly southerly direction and two, they'll open up the view across the valley to the hillside beyond.…
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Vernacular Architecture ~ Robert Venturi

In my haphazard stumble through the world of architects and architecture, I came across Robert Venturi. Whilst not perhaps directly appreciating his work when seen on the page in print (his emergency service building for Disney World in Florida is a Fire Department HQ straight out of a Mickey Mouse cartoon), I do appreciate and agree with his concept of "vernacular" architecture. In simplistic terms it entails taking the building and design trends of a country or locality and using them as an architectural guide. In his 1972 work "Learning from Las Vegas" he highlighted the common architectural features of…
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