Month: March 2009

MBC goes Twitter

Seems everyone is doing it so why not MyBarnConversion...? I've created a Twitter account for mbc - barnconversion I'll use it to post the latest thoughts, progress and decisions made regarding the development of the barn. As well as a chronological view of what's happening and when, I hope it'll act as a to-do list for me - let's see how it goes. A list of most recent twits can be found toward the bottom of the right-hand sidebar ( that's over there >>>>> ) Keep twitting...
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Woodland Garden

Way back in 2007 I put a small raised bed into a clearing in our patch of woodland. We had some old sleepers that needed moving away from the barn and this seemed like a sensible thing to do with them. The bed has a weed control liner and 10 to 12 inches of mixed soil and compost. I garnered opinion as to what I should plant on the SelfSufficientish forum and eventually put in some carrot and beetroot seed. Then I must admit I left the whole thing alone and failed to provide adequate care, supervision and green fingers.…
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Building Progress ~ February 2009

As it's already embarrassingly late I'll make the February update a whistle-stop tour of what progress has been made. My clay-paint painting is going well (if slowly) although I think in places, where I've not been so careful in getting the grain of the application of paint quite right - by that I mean where I've applied paint in a direction out of kilter with the surrounding area - I may need to rub down with sandpaper before applying the final coat. So maybe more work than first expected. The stove is now nicely settled into place waiting for the…
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VAT for barn convertors – Update March 2009

It's been a while since a VAT update so I thought I'd review the current position, especially in view of the pre-Christmas credit-crunch fuelled reduction in the standard rate of VAT from 17.5% to 15%. My own VAT reclaim will be due soon - by early Summer at the latest, so I thought I'd review the rates in-case anything had changed. I'm pleased to report (from the point of view of change being likely to cause more work and / or hassle) that the VAT reduction does not effect conversions and the 5% rate remains as it was... Only standard-rated…
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