Boxing Clever?

I have a rather tricky carpentry challenge in that my hot water cylinder / accumulator and the all the paraphernalia associated with my solar panels, hot water & heating system has grown beyond any expectations and has now occupied a large corner of the second bedroom. The challenge of how to box this in (orContinue reading Boxing Clever?

Online – recommended #2

A couple more useful sites that I’ve used recently and can recommend. So if you want something antique but don’t know where to start looking then get on to Scavengers and they may be able to find something to fit the bill for you. I bought a chandelier from Scavengers which despite having a bitContinue reading Online – recommended #2

Building Progress ~ April 2009

Determined to beat my previous poor showings, here’s the April update, just a few days after April has ended … impressed? This post should really be titled Stairs Progress ~ April 2009 (but that’s already been done) as there’s not a great deal more than the installation of the stairs to report. In addition, I’veContinue reading Building Progress ~ April 2009