New bed

Somewhat in anticipation of being able to take up residence we’ve bought a great new bed for the barn. King sized, so an extra six inches for the baby to spread out in during the middle of the night whilst his mother and I teeter at opposite edges of the bed. Ours is a SnowdonContinue reading New bed

Island Micro Grid

Whilst way beyond my own humble aspirations for energy self sufficiency, the fantastically named Island Micro Grid just commissioned at the Centre for Alternative Technology is an interesting development. I was shocked to read: The developed world’s centralised electricity system wastes around 65% of energy through heat loss in power stations and transmission lines, beforeContinue reading Island Micro Grid

Building Progress ~ August 2009

The rainy damp Summer of 2009 continues … damply … I’ve completed regrouting the grubby bathroom tiling at long last. I’ve not fully cleaned them yet as I’m trying to avoid spending any more time on tiles at least for the next few weeks. The travertine floors downstairs have been completed and look great. I’llContinue reading Building Progress ~ August 2009


As I’ve already mentioned I bought a chandelier from Scavengers. It looked great on the web: My Chandelier Not too fancy (if that can be said of any chandelier and I think I’m having second thoughts on that one), classy (well I thought it was when I bought it) and in pretty good condition. WhenContinue reading Chandelier

Lammas ecovillage update

I wrote about the Lammas ecovillage back at the start of the year. At the time, I aired my feelings of ethical support, but real-world unease. Now things have moved on and the development has been granted planning permission not by local planners, but in an act of centralised government colonialism, by the Welsh AssemblyContinue reading Lammas ecovillage update