Month: October 2009


Sorry, I've been very slack in updating the site over the last few weeks - very busy at work (my proper job) at the moment with a system implementation. Rest assured my usual slow and steady service will be resumed shortly...
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I've really enjoyed Roger Deakin's 'Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees', the book takes you on a gentle journey, part biography, part manifesto, part travelogue. As I expect to be spending substantial amounts of time sourcing, collecting, cutting, splitting and stacking logs to keep us warm over the winter, one particular quote struck me as good advice - advice that I'll try to apply whenever I get around to building that wood store ... ...a mosaic of cut log ends that wall the whole of the south-facing end. The summer sun will dry out the end grain, drawing out the sap…
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Building Progress ~ September 2009

Straight in this month, no excuses and no delay... I've managed to spread the load on finishing the untreated oak stairs and banisters having roped TC into treating the stairs with white foundation paint prior to waxing. I completed sanding and filling last weekend and the bannisters along the landing have all been whitened & then waxed. We're using Osmo Polyx White Foundation as a base coat before applying wax. The white foundation coat keeps the oak nearer to its natural colour after waxing - without this foundation the oak would be darkened to the traditional waxed & polished caramelly…
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