Month: November 2009

Insulation ~ Phenolic foam

Phenolic foam insulation is made by combining phenol-formaldehyde resin (note the presence of formaldehyde, a hazardous chemical and known carcinogen), a foaming agent and a hardener. When all three are mixed an exothermic reaction causes foaming followed by rapid setting. Description Usually now available as rigid boards or panels sometimes as a backing to plaster or chip board. Features Relatively low embodied energy - in comparison to similar products. Good fire performance. Very low flame spread, negligible smoke emission and very low levels of toxic gas emission. Can be cut and shaped accurately. Often used to closely insulate pipes and…
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Insulation ~ Glass Fibre

Similar to mineral wool insulation, glass fibre is one of the most common forms of insulation in the UK - everyone knows that rough, itchy, scratchy feel of glass fibre much beloved in our drafty attics. Whilst it has been installed in many homes for at least of couple of decades, this has not usually been done to the same thickness that would now be recommended so a top-up may be in order. Description Glass fibre manufacture involves melting the raw materials (which typically include around 50% recycled glass) in a furnace at temperatures in excess of 1500ÂșC. The resultant…
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Living room windows

Picture with measurements of both of the living room windows - one photo two sets of measurements. Only where the two windows vary are both measurements given. Just for the record the picture is of the left side window (I think!) Click on the picture for a larger version hosted by Picasa.
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Building Progress ~ October 2009

Ah, October - seems like a long time ago now... I've stalled in finishing treating the untreated oak stairs and banisters the banisters along the landing have all been whitened & waxed, but the stairs themselves along with the banisters still need finishing. I managed (mistakenly) to wax one of the posts before whitening it and the colour difference was quite noticeable, thankfully a quick sanding brought things back to where I wanted them. In the kitchen the cooker is now in (well almost, the gas just needs connecting) and I've got the cooker hood ready for installation - that…
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