Month: April 2011

we’re just passing through…

There's an inescapable melancholy about some of Roger Deakin's writing... There's more truth about a camp than a house. Planning laws need not worry the improvising builder because temporary structures are more beautiful anyway, and you don't need permission for them. There's more truth about a camp because that is the position we are in. The house represents what we ourselves would like to be on earth: permanent, rooted, here for eternity. But a camp represents the true reality of things: we're just passing through. Roger Deakin's Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees
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Garden ~ during

With retaining walls and raised beds popping up all over the place and the over-grown patches treated to a dose of the modern day equivalent of Agent Orange, I thought some during pictures were in order... From Barn Conversion 2011 From Barn Conversion 2011 From Barn Conversion 2011
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William Burges

I spend most of the week in and around Cardiff. Anyone who spends any amount of time in around Cardiff and manages raise their eyes to the skyline can't help but witness the impact that Marquess of Bute and William Burges had on the city. William Burges (1827 – 1881) was an English architect and designer. Recognised as the greatest of the Victorian "art-architects", Burges work strove to rise above 19th century industrialisation through the inspiration of an idealised medieval Europe. Burges's style was formed through twenty years of study and travel, during his relatively short career he applied the…
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Building Progress ~ March 2011

It's been mainly outdoor work this month thanks to the pretty good weather. I completed the flag-stone patio and I've concreted a top onto the dry-stone wall that runs along one side of it. I have built my (not-quite-as-deep-as-I-planned) barbeque pit and started to build a flag-stone fronted raised bed at the bottom of the main garden slope. I've not made much progress in the wood with clearing trees to let the sunlight in, having been diverted by cutting and splitting logs that were kindly donated from my neighbours wood-pile. Next winters fuel is hopefully pretty well sorted. An additional…
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New Gallery Launched

The gallery on this site has frankly been a bit of a mess since I messed up my Flickr account and started loading photos locally and also into Picasa. Now they're all in one place and accessible through my new gallery page - much neater. The gallery link in the menu just below the site header will get you there...
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Attention to detail… April 2011 update

You (really still) can't beat a good list (see the bottom for a list of previous lists) - six months on from the last list this is the current position (with old comments in italics): Flooring and tiling [May 2009]We've bought slate wall and floor tiles for both bathrooms and travertine for the ground floor. Finally, we've also selected oak flooring for the first floor. No more tiles to buy - hooray! [Oct 2010 update] - Tiles are now in both downstairs and in the upstairs bathrooms. Oak flooring is delivered and fitted except for in the second bedroom (I've added…
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