Month: May 2011

Back wall… the final strait…

Nearly there - TV aerial to move, a couple of patches of pointing to complete, drainage to tidy up, roof-line to fill and point and Juliet balcony to install then - DONE! (I like the jaunty angle of this photograph) From Barn Conversion 2011 Quite a change from before already: From Before
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Building Progress ~ April 2011

With the good weather continuing working outside has been my main occupation. The flag-stone fronted raised bed at the bottom of the main garden slope has been completed. On the pointing front, I've still got just a couple of patches to finish - smaller patches than they were in March as I've been able to spend a couple of days pointing recently. I've completed all the easy bits with the two remaining patches requiring some enabling work - I've extended the concrete pad that the gas bottles stand on so the bottles can now be moved to allow me to…
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The casualties of lawn

I've spent countless hours over the last few weeks digging out stones... From Barn Conversion 2011 ...and roots and weeds... From Barn Conversion 2011 give a my new lawn a chance of being green and luscious... From Barn Conversion 2011 Grass seed and fertiliser went down last Saturday and it's rained plenty since then - fingers crossed!
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Projects are stackable!

I've often been accused of never finishing things that I start - I'm not a completer-finisher my wife tells me. So I was particularly pleased to read number 7 of the 'Makers Rules' published recently on PROJECTS ARE STACKABLE. It's not that I'm starting something new before finishing something old - I'm nesting the new project inside the old. I'm nesting my built in bed project inside my garden landscaping one...
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Biomass Boilers

With a small patch of woodland containing mainly young ash trees, a patch of willow around the pond and plenty of hedges I've long been interested in the potential for burning 'home-grown' biomass, from chips, through twigs to logs. So I thought a review of the domestic biomass boiler options was in order... There are two types of biomass boilers - those fed with pellets and those fed with timber. Pellet boilers can be manually or hopper fed, with hopper feeding allowing a certain amount of unattended operation. Couple hoppers with high degrees of efficiency and the workload for the…
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Cob pizza oven

Since spending far too long for my wife's liking queuing for fresh pizza from a small portable clay pizza oven at the Abergavenny food festival, I've fancied one of my own. The Eden Project sell one for £600 and apparently Jamie Oliver tries to flog one for over £3000, but you can build one from cob for next to nothing and this article on the Guardian website shows me how to follow the pretty simple process. Pizza cake ... How to build a cob oven Frederika Whitehead learns how to turn a pile of earth into a wood-fired cob pizza…
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