Repointing – done!

It is with a mixed sense of delight (at having no more pointing to do) and dismay (at having no more pointing to do) that I can report that I’ve completed repointing the barn. There’s still work to be done on pointing the garden walls and the arches over the original windows and doors stillContinue reading Repointing – done!


One of my last major tasks during this phase of work on the barn is to box in the gap under the eaves. The eaves had been left open and were a haven to birds, who had nested in the roof, being able to easily hop in an out through the ‘porch’ formed by theContinue reading Eaves

It works….

Sometimes the simplest of words say the most… …If it looks like it works and it feels like it works then it works… (From the song ‘wow’ on the Snow Patrol album Final Straw) Might seem bloody obvious to you, but this phrase says a lot to me. …or as Steve Jobs put it… It’sContinue reading It works….

Hole in the wall

At the risk of turning this into some kind of badly shot photo-blog, here’s another recent picture from the barn. I think this picture amply illustrates the thickness of the walls – it’s probably about four feet from the internal to the external surface. From Barn Conversion 2011 The reason for making this mess wasContinue reading Hole in the wall

The green, green grass…

From a barren waste a grassy knoll appears… From Barn Conversion 2011

Steps and stuff

With lots of work going on outside I’ve been taking a particular interest in gardens and all things garden related. Here are some pictures that I took during a recent visit to Aberglasney gardens (the gardens are just a few miles away from the barn). From Travel Neat and tidy, I like the two divergingContinue reading Steps and stuff