Month: June 2012

De-assembled, re-assembled, re-cycled barns

There's an interesting article on Remodelista about an American company that uses the reassembled frames of barns as the basis of modern dwellings. A bit like a private sector, modernising, repurposing St Fagan's (the museum of Welsh life just outside Cardiff where historic buildings are reassembled from their original site). Source: via MartinBarnConversion on Pinterest I'm not sure what the heritage sector would make of this, but when applied to buildings that would otherwise be lost, I can't see any drawbacks.
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The Fallen Bough

Earlier in the year, with much help from a neighbour I cut-down a partly fallen bough from the large Scots pine tree that stands at the top of the yard. It was damaged during a storm last autumn when high winds caused a large bough from about two-thirds of the way up the tree to break and partially fall. I was going to go into a long, lengthy and inevitably dull narrative about how we dealt with it, but I think the following three pictures tell the story far better. I'll just add that pictures of a Land Rover, lengths…
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Love what you do…

I can't claim to be very familiar with the work of Ray Bradbury (whose career for me boils down to Fahrenheit 451 and Something Wicked This Way Comes), who died recently and is eminently quotable. This quotation, with its innocence and clarity really appeals to me, the kind of words we should all strive to be able to live by... Love what you do and do what you love. Don’t listen to anyone else who tells you not to do it. You do what you want, what you love. Imagination should be the center of your life. Ray Bradbury from…
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Building Progress ~ May 2012

Slightly, thin pickings to report again for May. I've continued with painting the internal door frames. I'm using the really lovely Little Greene oil based undercoat and eggshell paint. It's really nice paint to work with, coats well with a just-right, single cream consistency. I can still make a great mess with it, drips abound and they've not yet managed to get the skin-repellent attributes of this paint correct - I still get it all over my hands and arms... The door frames themselves have taken a lot of preparation as I've filled nail and knot holes and used caulk…
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User Centred Design: Towards a New Sustainable Architecture

I've previously mentioned the design ethos of Dieter Rams and this blog post on made for a delightful reintroduction User Centred Design: Towards a New Sustainable Architecture. This quote from Dieter Rams contained in the post draws a really important line between designer and artist... A designer who wants to achieve good design must not regard himself as an artist who, according to taste and aesthetics, is merely dressing up products with a last-minute garment. The designer must be the “gestaltingenieur” or creative engineer. The phrase creative engineer sums up the hands-on grittyness coupled with blue-sky thinking that is…
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New photograph

I've just posted this new 'during' photograph onto the about page. From Barn Conversion 2012 Follow the link I just gave and scroll to the bottom of the page to see a larger version of this picture in context with its earlier equivalents. Not a massive amount of change externally since 2010 - the main thing being the completion of the repointing. The picture also points out what should become my top priority over the summer - the external landscaping and ground-works.
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