Where have all the builders gone?

Having embarked on this crazy journey I thought we should try to firm up on exactly what it will cost. Easier said than done – my list of builders, kindly compiled by my father, has proven to be a series of unanswered calls and conversations with wives and children. bbbrriinngg,bbbrriinngg…bbbrriinngg,bbbrriinngg {echoes in my ears}

Step 3 = property

Start the ball rolling Visit estate agents and search the internet for properties in your chosen area. Find something that you like in your own time. I hate the stress of needing to find a property. Let it happen, it will.

Step 2 = the root of all evil

Money! Get financing agreed in principle, this will allow your to set you budget.

Step 1 = questions, questions, questions…

First answer the following questions: 1. Do you really want to do this? 2. Where do you want to do this? 3. Can you afford to do this? Okay?… Then proceed…

Offer for Barn accepted!

The ball starts rolling….