Ground Source Heat Pump

The basis of heat pump technology is something that we are all familiar with as it is the same as that used in refrigerators or air conditioning units. The core function of these units is to take heat from the ground and transfer it to a building for the purpose of heating water. This heatedContinue reading Ground Source Heat Pump

Size, space and proportions

Here we concern ourselves with the volume of space we live in and through consideration of proportion aim to create harmony and reason within that space. Architectural practice since ancient times has constrained itself by the use of proportional systems that guide the selection of forms for inclusion within a building. Systems of proportion areContinue reading Size, space and proportions


Whilst a superficial consideration of modern house design often may lead to the conclusion that external sound is simply something to be shut out, minimised and in a perfect world eradicated, in reality this is a more complex design consideration. Sound can tie us to our surroundings, sooth us or excite us, an absence ofContinue reading Sound


Moulds are a type of fungi, the group of very common organisms that includes mushrooms and yeasts. Moulds are most likely to grow in wet or damp conditions. In the home, places at threat from mould growth include wall, ceiling and floor coverings, insulation material and wooden constructions that have become dampened by water ingress.Continue reading Mould

Gas Pipeline Woes

A rainbow rose over the pipeline today! I must admit I loathe the thing. It’s a great example of the way that big corporate culture rules this country and steam-rollers everything in its way, be that our heritage (Roman road found at gas pipeline) or our opinions (Final pipeline protester removed). It is also anContinue reading Gas Pipeline Woes

Seven Lamps of Architecture

I was recently wandering around the web rooting through building and design related sites and came across a reference to John Ruskin’s Seven Lamps of Architecture intrigued by the title, I decided to do some more digging and came across one of the foundations of architecture over the last 150 years. I’ve not yet readContinue reading Seven Lamps of Architecture


At the heart of our lighting design we should place the central concept of the relationship between day and night, light and dark that lies within our most natural rhythms. This is a complex discipline in that the direction of the sun at given times of the day & the year, the orientation of aContinue reading Light


One end of the heating — cooling continuum, heating is one of the hottest (sorry about the pun!) topics when it comes to healthy and green building. The optimum temperature within our healthy home, lies somewhere between 15 & 25 Degrees Celsius. The exact temperature will vary dependant upon a number of variables. These variablesContinue reading Heating

Lime Wall Pointing

Having fed my lime pointing addiction over the last few weeks, my overall approach is established: To begin with the lime mortar is generally sound, if crumbly in places and needing some attention. After hacking back there are some deep areas needing extensive filling and other areas that remain mainly intact. Pointing is done usingContinue reading Lime Wall Pointing


Our comfort zone, in terms of the optimum temperature within our healthy home, lies somewhere between 15 & 25 Degrees Celsius. The exact temperature will vary dependant upon a number of variables, which include surface temperatures, moisture in the air, movement of the air and the nature of any heat emitted in the environment. ToContinue reading Cooling