Rock and Roll … take 2

From the back of the barn, along one side of the ‘garden’ (the enclosed area to the back of the barn) runs a mortared stone built wall. This wall butted up to the rear wall of the barn and so needed to be removed or rebuilt to avoid damp problems. Additionally, an entrance to thatContinue reading Rock and Roll … take 2

Firm Foundations?

I’ve had a few concerns about the foundations of the barn, specifically how much of the soil that has built up around the walls we will be able to clear to install new drains and discourage damp without exposing the foundations. With pick and spade I sunk a trench to see what was what (orContinue reading Firm Foundations?

Big Metal Shed

I’ve been at the barn for a few days, digging holes, hitting things with hammers & lugging things around with a wheelbarrow – my builder competency level is somewhere around that of navvy. The most constructive of my efforts has been in putting walls up on a previously opened sided barn using corrugated galvanised sheets.Continue reading Big Metal Shed

Air Source Heat Pump

The younger sibling of the ground source heat pump (GSHP), the air source heat pump (ASHP) is an exciting development in heating technology. They operate on the same principles as the under-ground alternative, but draw thermal energy from the air rather than underground – air at ambient temperatures is passed over a finned heat exchangerContinue reading Air Source Heat Pump

Pears ~ help needed!

We have a few fruit trees just behind the barn. I ate the sole surviving plum the other night, so can’t share that with anyone, however, there are still some lovely young pears growing. Anyone have any idea what variety they may be? All assistance in pear identification will be gratefully received! Click on theContinue reading Pears ~ help needed!