Design Patterns @ architypes

As should be pretty obvious to any regular reader of this site, I’m pretty keen on the use of design patterns to ensure the goodness-of-fit between building plans and specifications and the requirements of the eventual end-users of a building. Patterns help inspire, guide and polish building design at all levels. A Pattern Language ~Continue reading Design Patterns @ architypes

Forum Competition

Competition now closed I’d love the forum to become a useful resource for asking questions and getting answers related to ‘healthy house’, sustainable, ecological & environmentally aware building. There are other places out there to ask questions but they can at times be daunting, unwelcoming sorts of places. I want to keep things friendly andContinue reading Forum Competition


Now we have pipes (and lots of them as well). In addition to lots of electricity cables, we now have complex pipe-work that will form the basis of the even more complex heating and hot-water system that we’ll be installing. This also means that first-fix electrics and plumbing is now complete… (worthy of a smallContinue reading Pipes

Building Progress ~ May 2008

May has been a month of windows. The roof lights in the western elevation We now have a six ‘velux’ type windows in the roof, a new window opening in the south facing gable-end of the barn and the ventilation (arrow) slits have been glazed. The amount of light that the new roof lights letContinue reading Building Progress ~ May 2008

Tax Freedom Day

Tax Freedom Day 2008 falls is TODAY! 2 June 2008 There’s good news and bad news… The good news is that from now on every penny you earn, you can keep… The bad news is that since the start of the year every penny you’ve earnt has gone to the government to pay for theirContinue reading Tax Freedom Day