Insulation ~ Cork

You knew there was a use for cork except for sealing wine bottles… Description Cork is a natural and effective insulator. One disadvantage for the UK builder is the need to import cork from countries with the climate to grow it such as Portugal and other Mediterranean countries (China and India are now getting inContinue reading Insulation ~ Cork

Building Progress ~ August 2008

Progress in August was … sporadic. A case of tidying up and finishing off. Plaster boarding continued, the ‘missing’ kitchen window was ‘found’. The one major piece of progress was the installation of the new gutters and downpipes – aluminium and moulded on-site so that they consist of a single piece for each section (noContinue reading Building Progress ~ August 2008

Progress in Pictures

I’m judging that we are something over half-way through the conversion, not in terms of time or money, but change – it’s no longer a barn and not yet a house. This is one best left to the pictures, so no more words… Before… Before (picture taken October 2007) During… During (picture taken August 2008)Continue reading Progress in Pictures

Insulation ~ Hemp

To those yet to be introduced to the wonders of hemp, this type of insulation can seem like a hippies dream, however a simple Google search will soon lead you to the world beyond students bed-sits and Pink Floyd soundtracks to textiles, biodegradable plastics and fuel. However, we’re interested in insulating properties of hemp, soContinue reading Insulation ~ Hemp