Building Progress ~ March 2009

(Oh no I’ve done it again; my March progress report is late just like February’s was – sorry) The two main developments this month are the completion of the flue that I’ve already mentioned and the water mains connection being brought into the barn – previously it only came as far and an external tap.Continue reading Building Progress ~ March 2009


Pleased to say that the stairs are now in, which changes the whole feel of the building – makes it start to feel like somewhere that may one day be habitable. Although I miss clambering up and down a ladder. they started off as a pile of bits of wood (this is just some ofContinue reading Stairs

Selling Excess Renewable Electricity

On the grounds of affordability and cost effectiveness, I’ve discounted any foray into the world of microgeneration of electricity from renewables to date. I don’t think I’m about to change that stance, but I think an interesting angle on this comes from the offer from ecotricity to buy surplus electricity from microgenerators. Now I guessContinue reading Selling Excess Renewable Electricity

Stove – Flue – Chimney

Hey, in the words of the song, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad … I can do stove & flue, but chimney is outside … From MyBarnConversion 2009 I really like this photograph as is shows both floors in one picture and the progression of the flue, from the stove, up through the first floorContinue reading Stove – Flue – Chimney