My tiling has soul!

I came across this quote from one of my favourite authors on architecture and design, Christopher Alexander, author of A Pattern Language in a book about software design – ‘Patterns of Software – Tales from the Software Community’ by Richard P. Gabriel (‘Patterns of Software’ is worth a read in its own right if you’veContinue reading My tiling has soul!

Hot water system now commissioned

We’ve got the heating and hot water system up and running! It took a couple of attempts. The first time at the start of the month, with the stoked up stove blazing away devouring my wood supply, there was a load cracking noise (sounded like the glazing in the stove doors cracking) and a fairlyContinue reading Hot water system now commissioned

Building Progress ~ May 2009

May has been about two things – painting and tiling. The main bedroom needs finishing and then the second bedroom and dressing area need painting – and that’ll be it, first coat done! Coverage upstairs doesn’t seem as good as down, not sure if that’s to do with the plaster or the off-white paint, butContinue reading Building Progress ~ May 2009