Tiling – Starter for 10

From, often painful and time consuming experience, whilst not claiming to any kind of authority, I suggest the following sequence to tiling (others may have differing guidelines): Tiling Tips Get a level consistent floor. (More below…) [optionally] Skip this step if using glazed tiles. Seal / stain-guard tiles. If expecting a really messy job, orContinue reading Tiling – Starter for 10

“Starter for 10” series on MBC

Having dabbled in all sorts of areas of building and do-it-yourself that I really have should left alone, I thought I’d record (should I ever dabble in these areas again) and share some of my experiences, mistakes and (sometimes painful) learning. The aim of my new “Starter for 10” series of posts is just that.Continue reading “Starter for 10” series on MBC

Travertine tiling – pictures

As promised on my update for July, here are some early pictures of the downstairs tiling as it goes in. The main room started… Very early days in the kitchen. I rather like this arty shot of the floor taken as you come down the stairs. The floor has been grouted by this stage. StrangeContinue reading Travertine tiling – pictures

Building Progress ~ July 2009

On into the rainy damp Summer of 2009.. My bathroom tiling continues. I actually finished it once, but being unhappy with the grouting decided to regrout! Not quite as barmy as it sounds. I’m using white grout as I thought it would look cleaner in a bathroom, but mistakenly I rather carelessly sealed the tilesContinue reading Building Progress ~ July 2009