#NPPF response from the Campaign to Protect Rural England @CPRE

Whilst the Government appears to have listened to the many concerned voices raised in response to the draft document, the continued insistence on easing planning controls to promote growth remains a troubling key theme of reform and increasingly a political plaything.

Doors before

My current main indoor job is painting the door frames & linings that are still in their original state – untreated timber linings and white coated MDF architraves. Here are a couple pictures of them in their ‘before’ state. I suspect there won’t be a great deal of visual difference ‘after’ as all I intendContinue reading Doors before

Roof A-frame exposed!

I’ve been rattling on about the barns roof trusses / A-frame a fair bit recently, both on the forum and the roof post in my Anatomy of… series. Well here’s quite a nice photograph of the real thing… For reference, the photograph shows the right hand side of the two furthest trusses that you canContinue reading Roof A-frame exposed!

The Green Deal next steps delayed

Looks like recent negative speculation over the Green Deal may be well-founded. We now learn that Climate Change Minister Greg Barker has confirmed that the secondary legislation for the Green Deal will be delayed. The secondary legislation (the instrument through which the government is able to make changes to the law without having to passContinue reading The Green Deal next steps delayed

Sunny day disco

Fake Arabia meets Carmarthenshire sunshine… a rare and beautiful thing… (Sitting on my newly tiled window sills.)

The Green Deal – stretching at the seams?

It looks like the politicians and energy companies are starting to pull at the seams of the Green Deal. The energy companies have delayed implementation of the funding framework that will underpin the Green Deal with its core concept of funding environmentally beneficial home improvements through energy bills. The Department of Energy and Climate ChangeContinue reading The Green Deal – stretching at the seams?