100th post marks Spring on mbc

Well this is my 100th post on My Barn Conversion and as my solitary clump of snowdrops is flowering (probably has been for a while, but it’s only now I’ve noticed) I’ve decided that after a wet and windy Winter it must be Spring.
spring snowdrops
This site has gone from a standing start, on its first post back in June 2006 to over 3,500 visitors a month with 11,000 page views ~ thanks to you all.

It seems like an appropriate juncture for some introspection so after an appropriate period of naval gazing, I’ve come up with some resolutions as to how things are going to progress around here.

Reviews. More of them, books, products and services. Many of the people visiting this site are looking for information and advice, so that’s what I’ll give them.

Photographs. I started this site with a lot of photographs and used lightbox to allow a visitor to enlarge the thumbnails that I provided. I’ve got a little lazy at this recently but intend to start again.

The steps along the way to our barn conversion An initial intention was to give snippets of advice based upon our experiences under the title The steps along the way to our barn conversion – the advice rather dried up as we went along, but I’ll be bringing it back over the next few weeks.

The MBC Forum ~ coming soon!






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