Design Patterns ~ my choices

I’ve already written about one of my favourite building design books A Pattern Language – Towns Buildings Construction by Alexander, Ishikawa & Silverstein. I thought it would be worthwhile stating which of the patterns I’ll be paying most attention to in my design. The list is not exhaustive, other patterns will have a bearing, newContinue reading Design Patterns ~ my choices

Le Corbusier ~ The function of a house

The functions of a house, setting aside all other ‘romantic cobwebs’ are to provide: ” 1. A shelter against heat, cold, rain, thieves and the inquisitive. 2. A receptacle for sun and light. 3. A certain number of cells appropriated for cooking, work and personal life. “ Le Corbusier … keeping it simple.

Green = Mean ?

I’ve spent the day practicing my version of precision carpentry cladding openings of my big metal shed. My approach to carpentry is based on one of the many mantra’s of someone of great wisdom who used to work with my father and brother: Measure twice, cut once. I have finely tuned this to: Measure once,Continue reading Green = Mean ?

New Pictures ~ Before

I’ve been promising these for a while, but eventually I’ve got there. I’d added a whole new set of photographs of the barn to the site that I’ll use as my before photo’s. Hopefully, I can use these to demonstrate progress as the conversion goes on. Some of them are similar to other pictures I’veContinue reading New Pictures ~ Before

Attention to detail…

So, as we have started work, we need to think about all those details that I’ve put to one side until we had a builder. Not liking getting too formal about such things, it seems like a good idea to make a list so: Last update [4th November 2007] Ground or Air Source Heat PumpContinue reading Attention to detail…