Month: January 2009

Zero Carbon to be redefined

My concerns over the ability of Wales to achieve its zero carbon dream by 2012 appear to be shared by the political community. According to a news item on the Energy Saving Trust website our Housing and Planning minister Margaret Beckett has decided that the meaning of 'zero carbon' is now to be re-evaluated. "We need a revolution in the ways in which we plan, design and construct our buildings. "They currently account for nearly half of all our carbon emissions. If we could improve construction methods, the ways in which we heat, light and power our homes, then we…
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Building Progress ~ December 2008

The fact that I'm writing my December update in the middle of January tells a story of its own. The cold weather & Christmas have slowed down activity to a barely perceptible drag. The stove eventually turned up after several phone calls and a nagging doubt over claims of what was in stock and what wasn't - the stove was in the free enamelled stove pipe that I didn't even need wasn't and so dispatch was delayed (not that anyone told me that was the case). Anyway, now we have it, just a shame that it's sitting coldly gathering dust.…
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Lammas ecovillage

In the same part of the world as the MBC barn is the Lammas ecovillage. As a venture into sustainable living on a far grander scale than our own meagre and partial attempt, it is a endeavour of both ideological and political personal interest. I applaud the vision of this initiative, the scale seems right (a cluster of homes around a central hall has an iron age resonance), Pembrokeshire CC has opened the door with its Low Impact Development Making a Positive Contribution policy (albeit only by a chink and they've kept the safety chain on) and the passion the…
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Insulation ~ Mineral Wool

Mineral Wool is an inorganic product manufactured from glass or rock. Most commonly seen in the UK in the form of rolls used for loft insulation it is also used in granular form as a cavity wall filler and as rigid slabs in construction. Certain products use recycled glass and can so claim green credentials. Description A long-time favourite in the UK, sometimes also know as rock wool. Although the production of mineral wool consumes relatively large amounts of energy, manufacturers counter this with evidence of far greater energy savings over its installed life. Features High embodied energy. Fire resistant.…
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