Insulation ~ Polyisocyanurate

Also know as PIR. Polyisocyanurate is essential a stronger more fire retardant development of Polyurethane. As may be expected it shares many of the characteristics of Polyurethane. Description Usually produced as a foam panel insulation, PIR foam panels coated with aluminium are used for the prefabrication of ducts and flues commonly used in heating andContinue reading Insulation ~ Polyisocyanurate

Clean Lines Update

As the building progresses so some of the clean lines that I’m so fond of start to emerge. Below are some of my current favourite examples, more can be seen in my Picasa web album – (following a couple of technical hitches flickr seems to have abandoned me for the time being…) They are toContinue reading Clean Lines Update

The Hearth is not the natural place for philosophical discourse but the building of the hearth in the barn has changed the way I view the building. It seems that the central position of the hearth against the gable end wall and within the building, its associations with fire and the power that has on theContinue reading The Hearth

Insulation ~ Polyurethane

Often abbreviated to PU, Polyurethane is usually applied as a foam insulation sprayed onto the underside of roof rafters. Description A complex manufactured compound, polyurethane has traditionally been manufactured from petrochemicals and so has a few green credentials except for those gained from the energy it saves. Recent developments toward the use of polyols derivedContinue reading Insulation ~ Polyurethane

Building Progress ~ January 2009

As well as bitingly cold weather the New Year has seen some slow progress on the barn. The hearth has now been installed ready for the chimney and stove and then eventually a joined together, operational heating and hot water system. I’m really looking forward to getting that up-and-running, it’s been so long in planningContinue reading Building Progress ~ January 2009