300th Post on MyBarnConversion

I’ve made 299 posts before this one on MyBarnConversion.com, so I thought I’d take some time out and see how I got here while writing the 300th… The first post was made on the 28th June 2006. Since I started monitoring traffic to the site on the 6th April 2007 there have been 113,473 VisitsContinue reading 300th Post on MyBarnConversion


I’ve been itching get started on sorting out the garden and beds at both the front and back of the barn all summer. So, when we arrived at the barn last Saturday to find S digging a ditch along the drive with a digger and with the offer of starting on our garden there seemedContinue reading Digger!

My Favourite Things ~ Stairs

We invested a lot of money in wood when converting the barn. The stairs, doors and window frames have all been pricey items. Each involved a number of decisions – hardwood or softwood, oak or pine, painted or treated, natural or stained … Suffice to say that the decision made was rarely on the sideContinue reading My Favourite Things ~ Stairs

Sheeps wools insulation

I was at Rounded Developments last week for a meeting and a big bag of sheeps wool insulation was cluttering the place up. It was a cancelled order that was now looking for a home and fortunately I have a home for it. I have two ‘boxing-in’ projects to complete. From Barn Conversion 2010 TheContinue reading Sheeps wools insulation

Pumpkin soup

I managed to grow a couple of pumpkins this year. From Barn Conversion 2010 They led me to make some soup, which in turn led me to write up the recipe, which in turn led me to write a post on a website that I all but abandoned a couple of years ago when theContinue reading Pumpkin soup

Progress in Pictures – Update 2010

I was recently ferreting through my old posts re-tagging and categorising them and came across this Progress in Pictures post from summer 2008. An update seemed to be in order, so in the spirit of these posts, I’ll let the pictures do the talking… Before… autumn 2007 Before (picture taken October 2007) During… summer 2008Continue reading Progress in Pictures – Update 2010

Guy Fawkes night (+1) 2010

A week last Saturday… Emergency, emergency…. From Barn Conversion 2010 It’s OK – 2 year-old firemen were at hand…

planners have a lot to answer for…

As usual, I must agree with Roger Deakin… Planners have a lot to answer for on the commons. Roof heights are all wrong now. The monster executive villas dwarf the older, vernacular language of the Suffolk houses, which all more or less had the same roof height and alignment. Planners have allowed the scale andContinue reading planners have a lot to answer for…