Attention to detail… April 2011 update

You (really still) can’t beat a good list (see the bottom for a list of previous lists) – six months on from the last list this is the current position (with old comments in italics):

Flooring and tiling
[May 2009]We’ve bought slate wall and floor tiles for both bathrooms and travertine for the ground floor. Finally, we’ve also selected oak flooring for the first floor. No more tiles to buy – hooray! [Oct 2010 update] – Tiles are now in both downstairs and in the upstairs bathrooms. Oak flooring is delivered and fitted except for in the second bedroom (I’ve added that as a new task below). Still a little tidying up to do, but I consider this item pretty much complete.
Second bedroom still to have oak flooring laid, otherwise – done.

Internal doors [May 2009] We’ll go for relatively traditional hardwood doors, but not ordered yet.
[Oct 2010 update] – Perhaps more contemporary than traditional, hardwood and definitely done!

The door frames still need painting and the doors themselves treating. I think I may need to use whitening before waxing to give the same effect as on the stairs and not darken the oak too much.

Treat internal woodwork
[May 2009] Wax (and otherwise treat) all the internal woodwork, especially the stairs and banisters. [Oct 2010 update] – Stairs whitened and waxed, once all over and twice along the banister and steps.
When we come to paint through again I think I’ll coat the exposed woodwork with borax in a belt and braces attempt at keeping any potential woodworm at bay.

[May 2009] We’ve got a utility area in the kitchen and will install cupboards in the dressing area (including on the high wall above the door to the landing), under the stairs and in second bedroom. We will install shelving on the landing and hopefully find some really neat storage solutions for various other nooks and crannies – continuing investigations! [Oct 2010 update] – Very little progress in this area, but definitely one that will be addressed soon.
Im still not getting on too well in this area. I’m struggling to find a shelving and storage system that meets all my criteria, which are:

  • I like the look of it and it doesn’t look out of place in the barn.
  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s flexible – can fit and be used in odd spaces.

Paint Internal and external
[May 2009] Internal paint is clay based and the first coat has been applied (except in the bedrooms). We will use eco-gloss where woodwork is to be glossed, although this will be minimal. A subtle shade of green has been selected for the exterior paint work – picture soon! [Oct 2010 update] – Main bedroom painted, but second bedroom and utility room are still bare plaster. Skirting boards are partially installed, but none painted except in the en suite. Exterior paintwork is undercoated but only one window top-coated – I must get all this done before the winter really settles in. I’m considering using a decorator!
No decorator, but the two large main windows and the bedroom window/door are now painted.

Progress Bathroom
[May 2009] Install shower cubicles and clean, grout and seal all tiling. [Oct 2010 update] – Pretty much done but the bathrooms still need some finishing touches such as skirting boards, filling holes in plasterboard left by my moving electrical points around, cleaning the tiles (again), fitting towel rails and suchlike…
Still a few bits and pieces need finishing – all rainy-day jobs.

Landscape the garden
Turn the grassy, nettley knoll at the back of the barn into a garden.
Turf has been cleared ready for reseeding (shortly!). I’ve laid a patio using the old flag stones from the barn and started building the raised beds and retaining walls that are need to tidy things up and establish discrete and usable areas.

Tidy yard
Add beds (maybe raised) and borders at front of the barn to tidy things up. Resurface areas of the hard standing that have been dug up.
Having seen gravel used to good effect at the nearby Fig Tree Restaurant I’m considering using gravel – a ‘too-twee’ choice of material that I’ve often shied away from in the past.

Treat exposed external beams (window lintels)
Treat with wood preservative and yacht varnish.
These will need treating again and varnishing again.

Cabin / built-in bed
Build one in the second bedroom.
No progress.

Garden gate
Build and install.
No progress.

New Items

Drainage & ground levels
Re-establish the land drain that runs parallel with the northern gable-end of the barn. Connect through to the new land drain that I put in at the back (eastern side) of the barn. Dig-down ground levels where necessary at the northern end and extend the plinth that the gas bottles sit on. Generally tidy up the northern gable end.

New Items – building reg’s

Following my ‘review’ of the barn with a man from building control I have a few more tasks.

Second bedroom
Replace the bedroom window ‘easy-clean’ hinge with one that opens 90 degrees to allow escape. Build a radiator cover that will provide a step up to the window & an additional step if necessary. Insulate the exposed copper pipes. Place a guard around the flue.

Complete pointing
…and fill all holes in the walls.

Get an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) and find the Heatas certificate for the stove.

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