Building Progress ~ December 2007, week 1 and 2

The first of the structural elements that will form a finished part of the building have been installed. oak beamOur much debated oak beams, that were selected over steel beams as a key element of our healthy house design have been delivered and put into place.

As the walls that will support the beams are already built (being the original barn walls), they have been installed by cutting holes right through the wall at one end of the beam and a recess into the wall at the other end, then being fed through the hole and back into the recess. oak beamShame I wasn’t there to see all the action as it must have been quite a struggle to get such large, heavy pieces of timber into place. Aesthetically, they look great – a definite improvement over steal beams.

The other major piece of work has been the creation of the opening in the wall between the kitchen and the main area of the barn. This gives a completely new flow to the building and brings about a whole new perspective to the main room. oak beamOf particular note, the two ventilation (arrow) slits at the kitchen side of the room are far more visible and provide beautiful shafts of light when passing through the core of the building.






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