Building Progress ~ December 2009

Back to my old tricks and late as heck again…here we go…

From November 2009:

Finishing treating the untreated oak stairs and banisters is proving a real pain – the banisters along the landing have all been whitened & waxed, but the stairs themselves along with the banisters running down the stairs still need finishing, they’ve been whitened but not waxed. The problem is getting the timing right (never my strong point) and being organised enough to be able to wax the stairs as I’m leaving and not returning at least overnight – haven’t managed that yet.

Well I managed to get the stair treads waxed as I was leaving the building a few weeks ago and very fine they look as well (even if I say so myself). I’m glad I went to the trouble of using the whitening to keep the oak lighter than if simply waxed. Still some bannisters to do but they aren’t too urgent.

Skirting boards have been completed (fixed, under-coated and painted) and a carpet fitted in the bedroom and dressing area. The carpet was fitted professionally – carpet fitting is one of those jobs that I know would be beyond me and would frustrate the life out of me.

I also completed the boxing-in of the various exposed plumbing pipes in the en-suite. Took me for ever with my rusty, ropey carpentry skills, but I’m pretty happy with the results.

My oak flooring that was lost at sea for some time was eventually delivered between Christmas and New Year. Due to the cold damp weather I’m going to give it a month or so to acclimatise rather than the recommended three weeks so plan to fit in February. The colour looks good and I’m looking forward to the job. Shame the supplier, who will continue to remain nameless for now hasn’t responded to my email regarding the missing parts of my order!

Travertine tiles (a mix of ‘brick’ shaped and mosaic) have been ordered for the kitchen splash backs and back panel for the hob – another job for 2010.






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