Building Progress ~ February 2008, week 4

We have walls.

walls under construction

Well at least partially, the partition walls have started to be built in the kitchen, to form a utility / services room & a small WC and upstairs, to form the second bedroom, main bathroom and ensuite / dressing area (if you can call a meter-&-a-half corridor a dressing area).

This dressing area is an example of how you need to remain flexible when planning the internal layout of a conversion. This area started out as a strange 1 meter wide space. However, as the walls were placed in relation to the A-frames of the roof, the velux windows positioned and the true dimensions of the barn discovered (the original plans were out by enough to make a difference) I think we’ve been able to make good use of the space and provide rooms that are big enough, but not wasteful. And so my strange 1 meter wide space has transformed into a dressing area – magic!






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