Building Progress ~ January 2008, week 1, 2 and 3

Progress has really slowed as my builder is away on holiday and left his boys finishing off another job at the start of the month. However, as I write I’m led to believe by my spy on the ground that there’s furious activity at the barn.

Whilst the first floor continues to be built, the main progress has been in the installation of reclaimed oak beams as the lintel between the two ground floor rooms. Getting the levels correct was a bit problematic, as there is a two step drop through the opening and two beams are necessary because of the thickness of the wall. To accommodate the difference in levels between the two rooms, the beams are staggered – one is lower than the other, but I think it works.

oak lintel

Like the oak beams that will support the first floor in the main room, I’m really pleased with the oak lintels, they add a life and solidity that other materials just couldn’t.






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