Building Progress ~ New Year 2007/2008

The feel of the barn has moved on again as now the openings for the two windows that we’re adding to the gable end of the barn have been completely punched through.

new window openings
Whilst it’s hard to get a proper appreciation for the view they provide as they are currently covered with old aggregates bags and frames, lintels and sills need to be added that will change the openings drastically, two things are apparent. One, that they’ll provide some additional, useful light from a roughly southerly direction and two, they’ll open up the view across the valley to the hillside beyond. The existing windows provide attractive views of the ‘garden’ behind the barn, but these new windows will open up a new, more distant vista.

The windows also bring to mind the interior of a church. With the two smaller off centre windows and the full height up to the roof the main room of the barn is currently like a chapel without an altar. As the first floor is completed I’m sure this impression will change, but for now, there’s a certain holiness to the place.






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