Building Progress ~ September 2010

Seems like I’ve been repointing for ever…

Back in August I said…

I’m not sure that I’ll hit my end of September goal, but if I need a few more days in October then so-be-it. It’ll be a lovely feeling to get it finished and move onto something else (the to-be back garden is top of the list if the weather holds).

As predicted, I’ve not managed to complete all the repointing by the end of September, HOWEVER, I have completed the front wall — Horray! Photo’s to follow soon as I’ve not yet seen it properly dried out and therefore not had the opportunity to photograph it. Just the back and the gable end to finish in October (maybe more than a few days but I’ll get there). I think simply using a ladder to reach the top of the walls should be okay. I had considered needing scaffolding of some description, but the small amount of work I needed to use the ladder for at the front was fine – even more comfortable than my usual position at the top of a step ladder.

I did manage to drag myself away from the wall for an hour or so the other weekend and ventured into the wood to discover much to my disappointment that many of the trees I planted earlier in the year have died. I think a post-mortem is called for, although I suspect that not enough sunlight was reaching them.






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