Building Progress ~ September 2011

With a week in Cornwall and no major pieces of work spurring me on, progress in September has been pretty lack-lustre…

The Juliet balcony is completed, I even finished off the heads of the bolts with small black covers for a neat and tidy job.

I fixed, finished and sealed the skirting boards in the second bedroom, now they just need a coat of paint.

I’m building some short, 12 inch wide ‘platforms’ that I’ll use to box-in the pipework in the bathroom. They are basically wooden frames, with painted wood sides and a slate and mosaic tiled top. I’ve made them so wide so that they can accommodate toiletries, makeup bags and the like and so provide somewhere other the floor to keep such items.

I’ve also finished grouting the rest of the bathroom tiling. I’ve used some sealant from (! amateurism alert !) Homebase for sealing the splashback. It gives a far gentler, less gloss finish than the professional product I’ve been using previously. I prefer the less glossy, thinner finish although it won’t be anything as like as hard-wearing, but should be fine for a splashback.

I’ve also been trying to get the back-lit mirror working in the ensuite… Working with electricity definitely needs to go on my list of ‘leave it to the professionals’ along with plumbing. I have voltage in the cables, but the light won’t come on… already been back to the drawing-board a couple of times and I think another visit is necessary.

With most of the work being done by S we’ve started putting fencing around the shed in the field. This is one of those overdue jobs that has risen to the top of the ‘to-do’ list spurred on by the latest inhabitants of the field – three large and feisty horses with a taste for satellite dish LNBs and banging heads against my slightly flimsy shed doors. Should be finished soon…






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