Fancy appearing on ‘Build a New Life’?

The producers of ‘Build a New Life’ have asked me ever so nicely (well they said ‘ looks like a a great website’ I don’t think they were sure) if I’d post a press release asking for volunteers for a new series. Despite being upset about not be asked to volunteer myself, I didn’t see why not.

So if you can put up with the smug and loves-himself-a-little-bit-too-much George Clarke (sorry George), read on:


The ‘Build a New Life’ team are looking for hands on people who are creating their dream home or business.

The producers would like to hear from those who are moving to an idyllic part of the countryside to start an ambitious project whether it is renovating a derelict barn, restoring a redundant chapel, or even something more unusual, like bringing back to life a disused lighthouse.

If you would like us to document your inspirational journey please call 0870 726 8871 or email

If anyone gets onto the show then please let me know – I’d love to feature you on mbc as well.

By MBCadm1n-000

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