Lime Pointing ~ Summer 2008 … part 2

With a set of plans and my ruler I set out to check the figures I’d put together earlier in the Summer when working out how much repointing work I have to do.

All my original figures were based on a total of around 70m2 of repointing which would take around 150 hours of work.

These figures were based up some quick sums I did in my head using what I thought the measurements of the barn are.

I should really have got the ruler out before now as I actually have around 150m2 to complete. Quite a miscalculation and a kind of validation of the maxim – ‘measure twice cut once’ (except I didn’t even measure once!).

There is good news … I’m actually quicker than I thought I was, at least at hacking out the old mortar. But I’m still not going to recalculate a total (which will be somewhere over 200 hours) … I’ll just soldier on.






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