Lloyd Khan, making shelter simple.

I wanted to share an article I recently found on Boing Boing. It’s an interview with Lloyd Khan, one of the fathers of geodesic domes. From his early life, through his career to his recent work with small homes the article makes an interesting read.

Lloyd is an admirable figure, seemingly very much his own man and is someone with whom I share a deal of empathy:

I like builders and I like farmers, because they have to deal with the real world.

His current work is in the development of self-build, small homes, a pragmatic and empowering solution to some of the world’s many current housing crises.

But you can start out small. And it’s an incredibly powerful movement right now. I like the idea of starting out with your core, which is your kitchen and bathroom, and your wood heat if that’s what you’re going to do, and your solar heated water, all in this core. Then you’ve got a place to sleep and cook and eat. And then you start adding on

You may also be interested in the further information & video about Lloyd Khan contained in this previous post.






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