Main bedroom ‘suite’…

Please excuse the slightly pompous title to this post – guess I’m pretty happy with way this aspect of the conversion has gone.

The initial design was a little bit strange, with two doors through an internal wall that didn’t really have enough space for them and an over-large en suite bathroom that was a waste of space.

After a fair amount of thought a new plan was decided upon and after some juggling and guess-work started to be put into action.

Entering from the landing

So now, with the walls and doorways in place and the finishes beginning to be applied the layout begins to emerge and pretty happy I am with it as well.

You enter through a door from the landing – ahead is a storage / dressing area, to the left the bathroom and to the right steps up to the bedroom.

View back to the bedroom

I really like the ‘view’ back from the bedroom as it takes in the only piece of exposed stone wall that we’ve left internally and both old and new wooden beams.

To provide you with a whole interactive experience, I’ve even uploaded a video to YouTube.






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