Our engineers … our architects – Le Corbusier

The efficient, shiny world of construction in 1923…

Our engineers are healthy and virile, active and useful, balanced and happy in their work, our architects are disillusioned and unemployed, boastful or peevish. This is because there will soon be nothing more for them to do. We longer have the money to erect historical souvenirs. At the same time everyone needs to wash! Our engineers provide for these things and so they will be our builders.

Le Corbusier, Towards a New Architecture, 1923.

…architects can still be “boastful or peevish“, but judging by the majority of what I see our engineers are no longer feeling so “healthy and virile“…

Where will the 21st century injection of health and virility in construction come from? The green / eco / sustainable sector? Can the planners and regulators support rather than stifle?






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