Radon Report

Until I started researching the Healthy House concept, I’d always taken such things as the need for a radon survey with a pinch of salt; as a necessary evil, a piece of unavoidable paid-for bureaucracy.

Now I have a slightly differing opinion after developing an appreciation of the risks that radon presents.

So when my British Geological Survey ‘Radon Protective Measures Standard Report‘ tells me that I need to take BASIC protective measures, I’m taking it seriously.

I believe that level of protection can be afforded through installation of an appropriate barrier layer integral to the damp proof membrane — I’ll certainly be double checking that.

UPDATE – Yes, in most cases outside of those areas where high levels of radon are a concern (Devon and Cornwall suffer some of the highest levels in the UK), you just need to make sure that you install the correct type of damp proof membrane.

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