Room sizes

I keep mislaying these so I thought I’d put them on the site. With hindsight (wonderful thing that it is) I would have put all these types of things – room sizes, dimensions, plans and diagrams on the site way-back-when and kept them all in one place. Next time!

Room sizes in square metres are:

1.5 cart door
1.5 cart door
41.9 main room
1 steps / doorway to kitchen
0.6 back door alcove
12.8 kitchen
3.5 utility room
62.8 DOWN
14.4 bedroom 2
8 bathroom
3.8 ensuite
3.4 dressing area
0.4 opening to bedroom
18 bedroom 1
0.4 hayloft door
7.6 landing
56 UP
118.8 TOTAL Square Metres