The anatomy of a roof

Laying bare the basics of my roof structure through an annotated diagram that a layman like me can better understand, the aim of this post is to answer the question…what are the component parts of a roof?

Based on the roof of my barn, a pretty simple A-frame / truss structure as (badly) pictured below, my anatomy of a roof diagram follows.

From Before
The anatomy of a roof
The anatomy of a roof

Or view in 3D:

The diagram shows a basic A-frame roof, with angled rafters, a single tie-beam for each pair of principal rafters and horizontal purlins.

You can also download the anatomy of a roof Google Sketchup model. All angles and measurements are for purely illustrative purposes.

This is a purely amateur effort, so please let me know of any additions or corrections that you think I should make.

Read more about the anatomy of posts on here.

This is one in a series of posts about the anatomy of various parts of barns & buildings in general.






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