Whitewashing update 2010

While writing an upcoming post on the subject of walls, I realised that I had never properly concluded the thread that was bubbling away through 2008 concerning what to do about the leaky, south facing gable end wall. After finding it was ‘infested’ with stalactites and stalagmites, I considered whitewashing the wall, then eventually it was bag-pointed and whitewashed. The pointing tidied up the mortar joints then the wash gave a consistent overall coating.

The evidence of this has been staring down from the header of My Barn Conversion for some months now:

From MyBarnConversion 2009

(In case it’s not obvious it is the creamy coloured end wall to the right of the building I’m referring to.)

So, did it work?

I must admit, I don’t know. The work was completed in October 2008, so has only had last years damp summer to dry-out – and it didn’t appear to do that as there have always been damp looking patches across it. I’m hopeful that this summer will be different and provide a proper opportunity to dry out. Cosmetically I really like it – the creamy undulating finish is very easy on the eye.






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