300th Post on MyBarnConversion

I’ve made 299 posts before this one on MyBarnConversion.com, so I thought I’d take some time out and see how I got here while writing the 300th…

The first post was made on the 28th June 2006.

Since I started monitoring traffic to the site on the 6th April 2007 there have been 113,473 Visits and 281,796 Pageviews from 96,717 unique visitors. The average time on site is 2 minutes and 3 seconds (that’s a total of over 157 days that people have spent on this site).

The 10 most popular search terms that bring people to this site are these – barn conversions, barn conversion, barn conversions pictures, barn conversion costs, air source heat pump, air source heat pumps reviews, vat on barn conversions, super insulation, barn conversions uk, barn conversion designs. Not surprisingly, the most popular pages are these:
Heat Pumps: Air Source and Ground Source
Super Insulation and Insulation
VAT 1 and 2
Underfloor heating

…and my recent series on How Much Does a Barn Conversion Cost? has recently caught up with the total number views of much older posts.

So what’s coming next?

More articles on architects and architecture, a starter for 10 series on lime pointing, more book reviews and details of my cabin bed and garden design projects.

Please keep checking back…






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