Attention to detail… October 2008 update

You can’t beat a good list – this is the current position:

In Progress

  • Flooring and tiling
    We’ve bought slate wall tiles for both bathrooms and will buy slate flooring shortly. We’ve selected oak flooring for the first floor and a nice champagne coloured sandstone for the ground floor – orders for both will be placed shortly. Photographs of all this coming soon.
  • Internal doors (find some that we like).
    Still working on that one.
  • Storage
    We’ve got a utility area in the kitchen and will install cupboards in the dressing area and second bedroom. Also hopefully we can install shelving on the landing and find some really neat storage solutions for various other nooks and crannies – continuing investigations!
  • Lighting(find some that we like).
    We need ‘feature’ lighting for the gallery and dining area and LED’s to run alongside the stairs.
  • AppliancesCooker, fridge-freezer, washing machine, multi fuel burner, TV.
    money, money, money
  • FurnitureBeds, dining table and chairs, settee and chairs.
    Settee and chairs have been bought.
  • Paint Internal and external
    Internal will be clay based and eco-gloss. External Test and finalise colour choice. Photographs of all this coming soon.


  • Ground or Air Source Heat Pump?
    Answer = Neither Hot water system inputs will be solar panels and multi fuel burner.
  • Heating?. Under-floor heating / radiators ~ drawbacks, problems, source of hot water for radiators?
    Answer = UFH with radiators on first floor
  • Openings through internal walls. Have we allowed for one to few?
    Answer = One opening. I’m pretty pleased with the one opening as it has allowed us to plan in a dressing area and thus create a main bedroom ‘suite’.
  • Paint. Compare eco alternatives to branded products.
    We will use clay based paint
  • Guttering and down-pipes
    Aluminium gutters and downpipes installed.
  • En-suite bathroom What shall we do with the 1 metre dressing area.
    The small dressing / storage area between the bedroom and en-suite seems to work – I’ll write more on this shortly.
  • Bathroom suites and Kitchen
    All bought and will have been fully delivered by the end of this week.

Phase 2

Not sure if / when phase 2 will take place, but it will need a plan and that plan will include…

  • Rain-water harvesting.
  • Photovoltaics.
    Are they a credible, cost-effective technology yet?

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