Building Progress ~ August 2010

We’ve been away to Brittany for a week so I’ve gone back to my old late ways this month…

Before my holiday, I spent every weekend and then three days of the week before going away occupied with repointing the external walls. The trouble with working with lime for a few days without a break (there was a five day stretch in there) is the damage prolonged exposure does to your skin. Even when you keep you hands pretty clean, you’re bound to have some residue on your hands. The lime eats away at the skin, especially where the trowel rubs against fingers or the fleshy part of your palm (throw in some sand and you’ll do some real damage through repetition). Regrettably I can’t wear gloves and point at the same time – takes away my artistry! But at last I think I’m getting there … as I write I’ve four patches of the front wall to complete, then the gable end wall to finish (I’ve made a small start) then the very top of the back wall (that I’m still not sure how I’m going to reach). I’m not sure that I’ll hit my end of September goal, but if I need a few more days in October then so-be-it. It’ll be a lovely feeling to get it finished and move onto something else (the to-be back garden is top of the list if the weather holds).

I’ve extended the 9 inch wide concrete plinth at the base of the back wall around the corner and along the ‘back’ gable end. All much tidier – this now incorporates the rather dodgy plinth I hurriedly put in for the gas bottles, so that corner is also cleaned up.

Finally, one wet August afternoon, when pointing in the rain didn’t hold much temptation, I completed laying the oak floor on the landing. In my tradition of never completing a job there’s still some more tidying up to do but it’s nearly there and can be walked on.






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