Building Progress ~ February 2011

I completed the retaining great wall at the end of the path at the back of the barn and got on with putting in a mortared masonary wall to the garden side of the path that leads along the back of the barn through the gap in the wall that was one of my first acts of destruction at the barn. I’m also rearranging the rock garden that sits above this wall – it’s quite hard to describe so I’ll post some pictures shortly. This work has started to tidy things up but there’s still plenty to do. I began to lay the flag-stone patio last weekend, but rain-stopped-play as it so often does.

I made a start on clearing some of the trees and branches from the thick hedge that runs along the south facing edge of our little patch of woodland to let more sun-light into the wood and to make a contribution to next winters fuel supply. A blunt chainsaw chain and poor weather put paid to completing this job at the end of the month. A set of chainsaw sharpening files and the cold but dry weather that’s hopefully around the corner should let me crack on in March.

I had a visit from building control that’s given me the need to review my to-do list (coming soon). I had a bit of a concern about safety glass, but thankfully the bedroom hayloft door glass and the glazed arch in the bathroom are safety glass (the little safety glass symbols were obscured when we were looking for them by the masking tape that had been on the windows since last summer). The need to establish if it was safety glass or not made me get on with painting the bedroom hayloft door and the large yard side window (the top of which forms the glazed arch in the bathroom) so that I could remove the masking tap so that’s some painting unexpectedly done.

Inclement weather drove me indoors a couple of times so the main bathroom has had more tiling done to tidy up the joints in the shower cubicle, the walls have had holes filled and a spruce up of the paintwork, I put up a couple of hooks for hanging clothes on with the aid of my new stud finder (for finding wall studs – essential to get a good sound fix to the wall) and all the tiling has been cleaned over again.

I was also visited by a family of fellow barn convertors – good luck to Debbie, John and family; I hope you found some inspiration!






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