Building Progress ~ March 2010

Under the time consuming triple influence of Easter-Wedding Anniversary-Birthday early April is always more devoted to indulgence than work, at least that’s my excuse for slow progress at the barn and even slower updates of and once you have an excuse the least you can do is use it.

Anyway, it’s now mid-April, so back to work – what did we achieve in March?…

The shower cubicle in the main bathroom has at last been completed (well almost). I recleaned the tiles, fixed in the cubicle – the work of a couple of short afternoons with my able assistant TC. I then sealed the bits that needed sealing. I’ve not used the shower yet as the attractions of the deluge from the gravity shower in the ensuite with it’s solar heated water win me over.
(By the way, silicone sealing the showers has been one of the most annoying jobs I’ve had to do. I’m not happy at all with the finish and have invested in a Fugenboy kit -‘a sealant joint tooling system that produces a professional finish with no tramlines’- to redo it once I summoned the requisite patience. )

My kitchen sink splash back travertine tiling is complete. In fact I’m rather proud of it. Given all the tiling I’ve done over the last couple of years and my varying reactions to my results, I can say that I’m pleased with these. Hardly a blemish (that I know of) and a nice clean finish. I must admit that I’ve been bitten by the bug and in addition to the couple of sink splashbacks I’ve got to complete I’m looking around for other things to tile… might start on the bathrooms again… (ha ha)

I’ve also been drawn back to the garden and outside work diverting me from the real work of barn conversion. I’d bought a pile of seeds and seedlings on the ‘net a couple of months ago when we were stuck at home with a poorly baby and I found myself twiddling my thumbs with a hungry credit card and an internet connection. As they started arriving I released that I needed somewhere to plant them so started building raised beds to house my ‘crops’. Having a supply of hardwood planks from the old stables / chicken house that we removed from the barn has given me a ready supply of building material. I’m on my second raised bed now and considering extensions…

April and the better weather brings all types of potential excitement – painting window frames, lime pointing and rose taming to name just three.






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