Building Progress ~ October 2009

Ah, October – seems like a long time ago now…

I’ve stalled in finishing treating the untreated oak stairs and banisters the banisters along the landing have all been whitened & waxed, but the stairs themselves along with the banisters still need finishing. I managed (mistakenly) to wax one of the posts before whitening it and the colour difference was quite noticeable, thankfully a quick sanding brought things back to where I wanted them.

In the kitchen the cooker is now in (well almost, the gas just needs connecting) and I’ve got the cooker hood ready for installation – that will be fun. Every job involving attaching something to the plasterboard walls gives me ongoing nightmares at the thought of collapsing walls and gapping voids.

I’ve started work (another job not yet finished) on putting in skirting boards in the main room downstairs. I’m quite surprised by the difference they make, adding a cherry on the cake type finishing touch to the room. I’ve taken the easy route in fixing them to the walls that everyone else seems to follow (an opinion formed following extensive internet searches), namely using adhesive or sealant in my case rather than anything more permanent. The reason I’ve not finished is that the Wickes shop I normally go to has had none in stock since my original visit … as valid an excuse as any.

I’ve also started boxing in the pipes in the bathrooms. There’s a fair bit of this to do as the layout of both changed quite a lot as appliances were moved around to fit. It took me the best part of a Saturday to cover half of the shower waste pipe in the en-suite. I lost count of how many pieces of wood I cut and it’s still not finished after a split decision on whether to use skirting boards as part of the boxing or not. Another one for the to-be-finished list… must knock some of these on the head in November.






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