Building Progress ~ September 2008

As Autumn (and an end to lime pointing) approaches things have come on at the barn.

plastered walls

We’ve been plastered. Plastering has been completed except for right at the ‘top’ of the barn, where the ceilings have yet to be completed. Cabling and pipes for the solar panels and other services are carried through a small roof space that we can’t close up until everything is in place. The plastered walls give the whole place big push away from being a barn to being a house.

I managed to get the top of the west facing aspect of the barn repointed before we went to France for a couple of weeks – if Winter holds off for long enough perhaps I’ll get the bottom completed!

Internally the one wall we can leave uninsulated has been bag pointed on the living room side and in the kitchen (you can see it to either side of the opening in the picture above) – the finish pretty much covers the stones, but it should be a cleaner, less dusty alternative to repointing and the wall was in pretty bad shape in places. The remaining bit (in the main bedroom) I think we’ll leave as exposed stone.

Installation of the solar panels is in progress, a slight hiccup in locating them on my awkward east-west facing roof has meant I’ve had to go back to planning – I’ll write more on this once the whole saga run its course.

There may be a glimpse of an end being in sight…October (hopefully) holds plenty more progress…






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