Downstairs tiled floor

The tiled floor that runs through the whole of the downstairs of the barn took a considerable investment in terms of both time and money in planning, sourcing and then fitting. It’s been completed for a while now (since August 2009), but I thought that a post summing things up would still be worthwhile and an opportunity to show off!

In terms of cost, the rather crazy numbers split pretty crudely three ways …just over third of the cost was to buy and get the tiles delivered, another similar amount to get them fitted and the rest went on the expensive adhesive, grout and chemicals needed for preparing the original concrete floor and cleaning, sealing and finishing the travertine tiles. I never thought when I bought the travertine for a pretty reasonable price that the total cost of the floor would come anywhere near the final figure. Certainly a budgetary lesson has been learnt.

As you may have guessed I paid my builder to fit the floor for me. I did consider doing itself my self, but based on past productivity I’m pretty sure I’d still be working on in now…

We’re very pleased with the finished floor. I’d worried about getting the colours right – not so dark as to spoil the lightness and airiness of the barn and no so light as to dazzle. The colour of the tiles also need to be in-tune with and complement the white walls, oak stairs and furniture and rough lime pointing of the internal wall, all of which I think we achieved with the choice of travertine.

Now I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking…

From Downstairs Floor
From Downstairs Floor
From Downstairs Floor
From Downstairs Floor
From Downstairs Floor







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